Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dedicated Follower of Fashion?

I am most certainly NOT a dedicated follower of fashion.  I stick to the classic timeless stuff that never goes out of fashion.  I definintely don't follow the seasonal changes in the trends.  Besides my budget does not keep up with the rapid modifications.

In my opinion, the fashion lately is a Shopaholic’s Nightmare! 

There is some fugly stuff going on this season.  Have the style guru's run out of ideas?

Here's some things I think NO ONE should have in their cupboard EVA!

Fugly Gladiator Sandals

These are the ugliest things since doubling up on your shoulder pads in the 80's.
Kankles are in???
No thank you.

Harem Pants

Who on earth wants to walk around looking like you've shat in yer nappy? 
Leave them for Ali Baba and with any luck his 40 thieves will nick them

High Waist Trousers

They make even the skinnest people look chunky.

Clashing Animal Prints
Not even flattering on Sharon Slutty Stone

Leave them for gangsta mafia costumer parties and Humphry Bogart

Saturday Night Fever Disco Funk is so UnFly

Puffy Bubble Skirts
Didnt they learn ANYTHING from the 80s?

Round Sunglasses
Hello? John Lennon is D-E-A-D peeps.

Massive Flower Accessories
Flower Power was the 60's!
Bloomin' fugly...not cute at all

Tell me what you think.
What do you like or dislike that is "in fashion" at the moment?


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