Monday, November 2, 2009

Camping Weekend - Through My Eyes

A HUGE Thank You to our 26 friends who got together for the Camping Weekend at Buffelspoort. 
Thank you to Irene for the surprise gifts
Thank you to Dirk for being the Camp Photographer
Thank You to everyone who helped me look after my girls and kept them busy. 
They love you all and trust you so much.
They are so comfortable floating around between everyone like little social butterflies.

A Thank You  to EVERYONE for a great time! 
It was great to hang out with friends and have everyone together again.

Our Arrival at the Venue

How Many people does it take to put up a two-man tent?

KK and her Froggie Friend. 
She terriorised this poor wee frog until we finally felt sorry for him and set him free.

At the Camp -
13 tents and 26 people!

Some of the camp views

Dirk suffering from a hangover

Our official Camp Photographer. 
Wait until you see some of the pix he took!

The Super Tube

Chris emerging from the Super Tube



Mandy and Kaylin

The Walk down to the restaurant and shop

Norman, Percy and Chris getting ready to make breakfast

Richard and Megan in the pool

Richard and Megan on the Super Tube

Shaun and Kaylin in the pool

Shaun and a very frightened little Kaylin on the Super Tube

Shaun on his own

Richard and Chey

Kaylin and Megan


Tammy and Donovan

Ria, Mandy and Melanie relaxing at the pool

Piet, Norman and Chris

2 of the five pools they have at Buffelspoort

My Gorgeous Girls enjoying the pool
Megan and Kaylin


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