Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas and Farmville

I must apologise!

My mind has not been in the "blogzone" this week. 

Stoopid me has gotten myself hooked on Facebook Farmville.  Its so pathetically sad - I constantly think about how my crops are growing and how many ribbons and awards I have achieved.  I work out my life around the times when my crops are due to be harvested.  It must stop!  I really must curb this nonsense.  Its distracting me from blog-thoughts and I haven't even starting thinking about Christmas shopping?

I haven't even planned what I'm going to buy everyone and I don’t even know where we are going to be on Christmas Day. Perhaps we should just stay home – just the four of us – and I’ll cook us a nice Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and enjoy the sunny weather and our pool. My mum and dad will not be coming up from the coast for Christmas. My Boerewors’ family are going to extended family in Pretoria for the day.

As for gifts, I know I'm getting Megan a new bike (one that she doesn't have to ride with her knees up at her ears). The bike she currently has she got when she was two years old and it’s tiny, even though we've moved the handle-bars and seat up to full height and capacity. I know I want to buy Kaylin a new doll and pram with some cute accessories. I have no idea what I'm going to get my Boerewors as usual.

Our 10th wedding anniversary is coming up this Friday, 4 December and I've organised for us to go somewhere nice for the afternoon and evening (kiddy free of course) and then his birthday is the week after that on the 14th of December and then its Christmas soon after that.

I never know what to get my Boerewors this time of year as he's the proverbial "Gadget Man" and all the stuff he really wants is way out of my price range. I hate getting him things he really doesn't want because it makes me feel like the substandard wife who never saves and plans for these three events that come really close together. For once I wish I could gt him what he wants. A BT 4 Paintball gun with all the accessories.

Also, in January its Megan’s birthday and February is Kaylin’s birthday so my anorexic piggy bank takes a knock during these three months.

This has been tough this year with no salary increase for the last two years and no pending bonus like we usually get in December.

Perhaps I could play my luck with the lottery?


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