Friday, November 27, 2009

Survivor Party - The Tribes Partied

I just made it in time to catch the bus to the Homemakers Year End Function.

We arrived to Air Hostesses who'd obiously been in a crash and welcome drinks were Mojitos which were VERY strong and served in our own Survivor tin cup.  We had to choose a coloured buff from a box and move to the tables.  The tables were done up with black bin liners and the center pieces were a little make-shift fire with crinkled yellow paper for the flames, twigs and surrounded by little pebbles.  They even had kebab sticks with marshmallows on the end.  They had made a washing line out of plastic bags and hung up old torn clothes, an old shoe, dirty socks and other survivor stuff.  In the bathrooms we came across plastic ants, flies, spiders and snakes.  They'd thought of everything!

We were divided up in to teams according to the coloured buffs we choose on our arrival, we had to choose a team name and a team war cry cheer.  We played some survivor games, handed out awards for the best dressed, best group spirit and best individual party animal, we swam in the pool, ran in the rain and splashed in puddles, drank lots of wine, ate lots of food, danced and generally had a great time!

On leaving, we all got a garden lantern to take home with a Survivor CD attached.

On the Bus


The Accounts Team

Air Hostess Crash Survivors
(Our PR Team who organised the entire party)

the tables

some of the survivors

the party favours - the lanterns with our Survivor CD


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