Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rollercoaster Ride of 2009

I got this magic dea from Lettice and Lu's Blog and I knew I wanted to put a lot of thought into this post and recap on a rollercoast of a ride during 2009.  Many ups and downs.

The hardest:

Kaylin's constant tantrums and problem behaviour and her psychologist appointments.  We were not a happy mother and daughter for a while.
Volunteering for the CANSA shavathon, standing on my feet for 8 hours listening to heart-breaking stories but it was worth it.
Loosing 7kg after looking a photo of myself at a party and thinking - you fat blob! 
The proudest:

Megan loosing her first milk tooth.
Megan doing a photoshoot for a local Baby Magazine (wearing a dress!)
Reaching 10 years of married life wth my wonderful Boerewors.  Love you to the moon and back, babe!
Watching my girls in their annual school concert.

The memorable:

Our awesome seaside family holiday in Uvongo (just the four of us)
My sister and her partner getting pregnant and having her beautiful little baby girl, Claire.
MPH Top Gear Show - Amazing
Megan giving me a black eye during a Ring a Rosie's game.

The movies:

Curious Case of Benjamin Button
I'm not a huge movie goer but I enjoyed So You Think You Can Dance.  Both series.
Season 6 of Greys Anatomy.
The Places:

Seeing the Russian Ballet Company Live - it moved me to tears
Buffelspoort.  Camping with our HKGK group of friends.  It was awesome to have everyone together again.

The happiest:

Shopping with my sister for new clothes - we had a great day bonding and giggling.  Something I never did with my sis before.
Having out pool re-coated after years of battling with a pea green pool.  Now its blue and crystal clear and we can swim and enjoy the summer months in the pool.

The people:

Getting a friendship tattoo with my best friend, Mandy
Norman and I completing the 15km Walk the Talk Race
My boerewors getting me my first laptop.

The music:

Black Eyed Peas The End - Boom Boom Pow
Lady Gaga - Poker Face
Flo Rida - Jump
Legends of Rock and Masteing Guitar Hero on  Hard Level

The Books:

Taming your Spirited Child without breaking their spirit.
Confessions of a Shopaholica
I'm Okay, You're Okay


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