Sunday, May 29, 2011

Body Fat Can Make The Short Penis

Body Fat Can Make The Short Penis

Obesity is not only dangerous to health as a risk factor for disease heart disease, stroke and diabetes, but also can affect the 'gun' man. Body fat can make a man's penis shorter.

Scientific research in Britain shows remarkable results related to obesity and penis size. 21 percent of men surveyed claimed not remember the last look at his penis, which means that 2.7 million British men were obese, so the size of the penis looks shorten, as reported by Healthmad, Saturday (28/05/2011).

Body weight did not change the size of the penis is actually (physically), which become shorter or longer. But the fat man will have pockets of fat in the pelvic area around the penis.

In the circumstances however, this fat will be seen hanging. But if a man has a body fat, total fat in the area around the penis would be more and more, in other words, the penis will look increasingly to short as it is covered in fat.

Physically, the penis is not shorter, but become functionally shorter, because the more fat that covers the area around the penis then it is likely to penetrate deeper into the penis will be smaller.

This will certainly affect the confidence and pride of 'weapon' of male.

By losing weight means to reduce the amount of fat in the whole body, such as the abdomen, chest, back, arm and including fat in the genital area.

So by losing weight, you also will reduce the size of fat around the genitals that can cover the penis. When the fat is getting smaller, then the penis will look longer.

Some people sometimes do not care about the obesity that happened, but if fatness is already an effect on virility and penis size, it is expected the desire to lose weight will be even greater.


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