Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Beautiful 1980s

I saw this video over at UnMom and it had me in stitches of laughter.  It reminded me of the early morning 1980's "Body Beat" execise show which was on "Good Morning South Africa" everyday. 

This video is also just as hysterical (but not meant to be) 

How irritating is this woman?  She looks like a piece of leather thats had one too many session on the sunbed with her sexy pageboy hairstyle and white footless tights!  Its just NASTY!

Then I came across this YouTube video of Amor Vittone (a local SA celebrity) on Body Beat way back when she was a nobody. She looks so enthusiatic!!  Go Amor!  Feel the burn!

Aand then I found the vinyl LP record of "Body Beat" that I bought and actually worked out to.  I know I did buy the video at some stage but who know where it is now?  Remember the lead dude, Kevin who used to wear his short-shorts with the crowl jewels clearly on display?  Everyone was convinced he was as bent as a two-bob note.  He always had two hot chicks on either side of him in their soopa tight high-cut leotards and head-bands?  It was a sight to see and very hip and trend in the its just ridiculously funny.

Looking for this Body Beat record, I came across some of the other LPs I had bought as a teenager!

Oh hell, the 80's....thats all I can say.

Thompson Twins, Human League, The Jam, Pop Shop compilation LPs, Stephan Tin-Tin Duffy.  I had tons more but if you're a child of the 80's you'll also have them ... Michael Jackson, Madonna and U2 ...


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