Saturday, November 14, 2009

Paintball and Belly Button Trick

Yesterday we popped in at friends for a drink and to let the girls swim.  The guys landed up hauling out the paintball gun and showing Megan how to use it.

Percy behind the gun

Megan shooting the paintball gun

Paintball Megan

Megan getting down and hard-core

My Boerewors and Percy

Paintball Wall and the bottles

Then Kaylin showed us a trick that she does with her belly button, where she turns it inside-out and then she announced to everyone she has a "wally" (her version of willy). 

Well!  I was in fits of laughter. 

I just wondered where on earth she learnt this and who showed her how to do it????

Kaylin doing her belly button trick

Kaylin's mini-willy belly button


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